Ready To Set Sail?

Ever wanted to unleash a tidal wave of theme and color when you empty your dice bag? Have you desired to take the helm and navigate your session with style? The moment has come. The Age of Sails and Dice has begun!

Roll to See Which Colors They’re Flying!

Forged Locally By Terratop

Each ship is expertly designed and 3D printed entirely in-house. Every die went through several iterations to obtain glorious quality. Hand made by ourselves in the UK, there are 7 different ships and seas in each set, making each die handcrafted and unique.

Ride With the Tide

We use ocean simulations to sculpt the seas which give them a life-like quality. Terratop uses low force stereolithography 3D printers to print the ships and seas which allows for an immense amount of detail on the printed models.

Handpainted to Perfection

These premium dice are crafted using the highest quality silicon and epoxy ultra clear resin. Each ship and sea undergoes a number of processes to get them just right using paints, washes, textures, and inks, all completed in-house by us.

Will You Captain the Ghost Fleet?